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Chapter 26: The epilogue of 2018 and 2019

Tùy Chỉnh

Year 2018.
Alexander Iscariot had perished. Nobody ever heard about the Iscariots or remembered about them. Nobody knew their names. Their tales were forgotten in the flow of time. The legends about Romeo and Juliet, the legendary man-woman couple who arrived to the need of vanquishing evil forces, had ceased to exist.
Year 2018.

Tin Medthanan, the rich kid of the wealthy Medthanan family in Thailand, had been in England.
England was popularly known as the country of the fog. It was the homeland of several marvelous people in the human history, such as Isaac Newton who was well-known for the discovery of gravity, William Shakespeare the playwright of 'Romeo and Juliet', J.K.Rowling the author of 'Harry Potter', Queen Elizabeth of the powerful British royal family... Also, rogues and heroes in the literature world of England were of British descent. Heroes of England were Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson, King Arthur, Jonathan Harker, Harry Potter... Rogues of England were Jack the Ripper, William Wilson, Professor Moriarty, Voldemort...
Tin was an overseas student in England. His school in England wasn't the wizardy school Hogwarts, where the legendary wizard Harry Potter studied during his youthful years. Oxford University and Cambridge University were well-known universities of England, but Tin never studied in those places. Harvard University was in America, and Tin didn't go there either.
Tin was so absorbed in his daily studies that he never took notice of the dark secrets in England. England was the home of notorious rogues such as William Wilson the photographer, Jasper Ricketts who was also known Jack the Ripper, Ruben Saint-Laurent the poisonous phantom thief, Sterling Hodges the evil detective. Tybalt Capulet was still living peacefully in the United States alongside his lover Benvolio Montague, but the dark entity residing inside him was still roaming on earth after being ejected from his body years ago. This entity was nobody other than the soul of Tybalt's previous incarnation, a malicious soul with a hunger of battles. Worse still, that entity was the original Tybalt Capulet, the 21-year-old gentleman of the Capulet family in 1595, the year in which the tragic love story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet took place. Tybalt was the nightmare of Italian battlefields even in death, as he would rise up from his grave and actively participate in various conflicts in Italy. He eventually became a demonic entity of warfare in Europe from the Renaissance era to the late 19th century. The only time he was directly involved with an Iscariot during this time was a duel with the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, New York, United States. It was only an hour long, and both supernatural fighters were equally matched with no side getting victorious or lost. 
Year 2018.

"Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!" Blatant noises came out from a huge gathering of youngsters at a night rave.
The smells of sweat, alcohols, vape smokes filled the atmosphere, turning it into something similar to a deadly gas chamber. The room where the night rave took place was overfilled with people. Tin was lured into this horrible rave by his bad friends, who forced him to do drugs and got rejected afterwards. Tin never touched even a microscopic grain of narcotics during the party, and he got sick of the negative friends surrounding him. All of those, as Tin thought, were a bunch of bad people taking advantage of his wealth and his kind heart. Sometimes Tin had tried to quit those toxic guys, but they kept latching on him like leeches.
In the darkness, the phantom thief Ruben Saint-Laurent was the person responsible for delivering narcotics into the rave. As a side note of this character, he was not only a playboy and a gentleman thief but also a pharmacist.
"Mwahahahahahaha~~~!!!!" The phantom thief laughed behind the door of the party room.
Every laughing sound from the thief made his mouth open wide. The mouth was totally non-human, as the teeth were not human at all. The wide grin of the red thief was satisfied as his clawed hands clenched into a fold. He had known a very dark history of a Thai boy named Trump, who was a boy so bad that even the most cold-blooded killer like Jack the Ripper wouldn't think about plunging a scalpel into his flesh.
"Oh poor litte Asian boy named Trump, you're a really bad boy, a despicable rascal. But did you know what you have done could create a new chapter of human history?" Ruben sighed.
Ruben knew that Trump was the boyfriend of a beautiful Thai boy named Pete Pichaya, so he got interested in Pete although not seeing his face before. Ruben also knew that Tin had an older brother named Tul, who was the villainous man staging the drug scandal to make Tin's reputation tainted.

"In fact, Tul sees me as nothing more than a partner. I sell him drugs, he uses drugs for this party, both of us get a win-win." Ruben laughed.
As Ruben remembered his actions in the recent days, he was less focused on world domination than he did years ago. Instead, he was more interested in human society and invested his time researching about human society and the way humans behaved to each other.
The time period the drug party in England taking place was approximately 23rd March 2018, or even earlier. But the drug party in which Ruben was participating now didn't have Tin's face inside it. In fact, Tin was lured to a drug party when he was only 15 years old or so, therefore the year would had been much earlier than 2018, but approximately before Judas Iscariot was resurrected in 2015.
At the same date when the drug party took place, William Wilson the undead photographer was on his spree. He photographed a burglar sneaking into a house at night and quickly intercepted him. The burglar was frozen in time with a camera snap, and the supernatural photographer teleported to his place outside the door. A quick sword thrust into the rib incapacitated the burglar, and the burglar never noticed the assailant as his entire body was frozen.
"The seventh commandment of God says, you shall not steal. As a harbinger of justice, I shall bring you to the judge." William Wilson's grey cracked face said with a wide smile and teleported the man to the police station alongside a report of the crime scene.
After accomplishing his deed, William Wilson disappeared silently. He was acting as a self-proclaimed harbinger of justice. He could have killed criminals with his supernatural powers, but he chose not to do that because he preferred seeing his victims suffer in agony and because he wasn't interested in murder.
Year 2018.

There was no drama worldwide, although the Iscariot forces resurfaced after their defeat in 2017. But they lost their interest in world domination and decided to make their lives anew.
One notable member of the defunct Iscariot Army Corps, known as Morpheus Malfoy, was a notorious evil wizard of Hogwarts serving Lord Voldemort. Morpheus was related to the Malfoy wizard family line, and he was related to Draco Malfoy in terms of familial ties. Now nobody knew where Morpheus Malfoy was after Alexander Iscariot was killed in 2017. Perhaps he was hiding somewhere unknown to the human eye.
Year 2018.

The cute gay love story of Ae Intouch and Pete Pichaya in Thailand happened and had a very sweet ending. The story began when Ae encountered Pete by chance while cycling to school. Pete was distraught by the abuse of his ex-boyfriend Trump, and Ae was there to comfort him through hardships as a friend in need. Days passed, and Pete fell in love with Ae in spite of knowing that Ae was straight. Ae willingly became gay to keep Pete (who was indeed gay) accompanied by his side, so their love story began. Ae came from a rather poor family, and Pete came from a wealthy one. Pete was kind and pure in spite of being a little bit naive, his fact of being homosexual was taken advantage of by Trump to blackmail him for money. After being rescued by Ae, Pete had Ae become his lover. But Ae's happy times with Pete didn't last long. In early 2019, Pete's divorced dad took Pete to Germany and had his studies taking place in this country for a certain amount of time to keep him away from Ae. The reason was that Pete's dad was disapproval of Pete being gay, and he had a negatively prejudiced viewpoint towards LGBT+ people. This was the reason why Pete himself was never accepted by his own dad.
At the same time, Tin and Can crossed path with each other. Initially, Tin wanted to date Pete because he disliked people taking advantage of him for money mining and regarded students studing Thai programme in school as bad people. The understandable reason was deeply involved with the drug scandal in England in which Tin was stuck in spite of being innocent. Tin was cold and cynical towards life and love until he encountered Can, a young boy with a childish and cheerful personality. Days passed, and Tin's heart began to warm up again. The love story between Tin and Can ended in despair as Can told Tin that he only viewed Tin as a friend, breaking Tin's heart in the process. Again, Tin's family was vocal of his relationship with Can in a negative way.
Year 2019, from January till late November 2019.

Things went too peacefully that there was almost nothing worth recollecting.
In England, William Wilson the sinister photographer was living a peaceful life, as well as his villainous friends Jasper the Ripper and Ruben the Arsenic Laurent thief. They went into hibernation and almost never caused troubles, because it was not their ideal time for actions. Alexander Iscariot was still dead, never returning back to life. Judas Iscariot, who was the father of Alexander, was not revived either.
But in Thailand, the stories of Thai boys getting in romantic relationships with each other still happened, although each boy-boy couple had their own stories separate from each other.
And now, there were the names of the boys who were in romantic couples in Thailand at the moment:
-In and Sun of "My dear loser" the series.
-Third and Kaii of "Theory of love" the series.
-Saifah and Zon, Tutor and Fighter of "Why RU" the series.
-Phun and Noh of "Love sick" the series.
-Pop and Oat, Pree and Rambo of "What The Duck" the series and its sequel.
-Fuse and Tee, Frame and Book, Yok and Mo, Nine and Rottang of Make It Right the series and its sequel.
-Mork and Tee of "My Tee ('Cause You're My Boy)" the series.
-Type and Tharn, Technic and Good, Ae Intouch and Pete Pichaya, Tin Medthanan and Can/Cantaloupe, Techno and Kengkla, Tum and Tar of "Love By Chance" the series.
-Knock and Korn of "Bad Romance", "Together With Me (and its next chapter)" the series.
-Forth and Beam, Wayo Panitchayasawad (Yo) and Phana Kongthanin (Doctor Pha), Mingkwan Daichapanya (Ming) and Mongkol Intochar (Kit, KitKat, Kitty) of "Two Moons" the series.
-Kao and Pete (not Pichaya) of "Dark Blue Kiss" the series.
-Waii and Apo, Kluay and Achi of "Water Boyy" the series.
-Arthit "Oon" Rojnapat and Kongpop "Kong" Suthiluck of "Sotus the Series".
Up to know, they were only in Thailand at the moment. They had not moved away from this country, simply because they were the native inhabitants of this country and they're having Thai nationalities. That was obvious. More obvious than ever, the names mentioned above are males, all males. Not even a single female. More shocking than ever, they were in love. With each other.
Future would be awaited, for the Iscariot members, for Romeo and Juliet, for the Thai boys who were romantically attached to each other, for the rest of humanity on earth.