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Chapter 24 (18+)

Tùy Chỉnh

August 21st 2020, 10 o'clock, GMT + 7, Southeast Asia time zone.
Tine and Sarawat had their own lives although they were romantically attached to each other. They respected each other's privacy but they sometimes got into smuts whenever they had free time.
One instance, Tine made a beautiful cake for Sarawat with white icing on top. The case was put in a plain blue box. Perhaps the cake was for Tine's birthday and Tine invited Sarawat to share this sweet moment with him.
Another instance, Sarawat and Tine made a date outside a warm beach. Tine wore a white T-shirt, Sarawat wore a black one, all of the T-shirts had the number 12 on the back side.
But these event were long gone in spite of being beautiful little things.
Now Tine groaned very loudly in his little house. He was completely undressed from head to toe. It was Sarawat who was making out with him. Tine opened his mouth and let Sarawat kiss him, and the groans Tine had made were caused by Sarawat licking his ears and nipping his neck. Tine was in such a great ecstasy that the groans he emitted from his throat were like those of a little kitty.
After about ten minutes, Sarawat gave Tine a good oral making Tine groan with a higher pitch. Tine stayed motionless on the bed, panting and gasping with pleasure overwhelming his mind and body. Tine twitched his head slightly and moaned as Sarawat's head moved up and down on his crotch.

After Sarawat got up, Tine came to him and gave him a deepthroat. Tine played with Sarawat's dick with his hand and tongue as well as his mouth. He licked the shaft slowly and gently before slurping it with little noise. It took about ten minutes before Tine lay down on the bed and spread his legs wide to let Sarawat finger his butt. Again, Tine's high-pitched groans completely turned Sarawat on.
As Sarawat penetrated his erection into Tine's bottom entrance, Tine groaned with a very girly voice, which was a very polar opposite of his usual manly voice when doing smuts. Maybe Tine had a personality change, or that he was overly dramatising everything up. Sarawat thought about the latter case, and it indeed was. So Sarawat rocked Tine roughly until Tine regained his usual masculine voice, because Sarawat knew Tine was faking the girly moan after learning how to moan with the said tone through foreign smut videos.
"We're in Thailand." Sarawat told Tine, making him very dumbfounded.
"Aah... ah... ah... ah..." Tine moaned even louder.
After mating for an hour, Tine and Sarawat took a rest. They felt so good together, but they also felt good when not hanging out together too often.
"Okay, let's have lunch, silly little rabbit." Sarawat held Tine's hand and dragged him along to the kitchen.
Tine nearly fell headfirst onto the floor as Sarawat pulled him, and he nearly stumbled.
"Slow down please." Tine whined.
"Keep moving, uh." Sarawat lifted Tine up in his arms and rushed to the kitchen.